Shaft of Steel are back. After four long years, we’ve started recording again and believe me, it sounds bloody amazing so far.

This was never going to be an easy task, considering we all now live in different parts of the country (and in Rob’s case, a different country altogether), but I am astonished at how quickly we’ve managed to complete the first new track. It’s a huge testament to the dedication of the various members of the Steel that we’ve been able to get this project off the ground in the first place, let alone complete a song in less than a month.

Shaft of Steel was by far and away the greatest band that I have ever had the privilege to play in. It was so much fun during the three years that we had in Scarborough and nothing has really topped it since. I am therefore determined to make something happen with these new recordings. Gigging is off the cards due to work commitments and the distance between us, but there are many other options that I’m exploring at present.

The new version of ‘Spinning Vortex of Love’ will be appearing on SoundCloud very shortly. You can stay up to date with all the latest Steel related news by heading over to our new homepage or by ‘liking’ us on Facebook.

“Oh yeah, that’s where it’s at!”