Hurrah! I’m back with a new website and my first blog post in over two years. I really need to up my game with this whole blogging thing.

It took three whole years (bloody hell…), but I’ve finally finished mixing Shaft of Steel‘s debut EP. Three house moves, one broken hard drive and three versions of Cubase later, the job is done and the mixes have been sent off to the legendary Dennis Ward (who also sang backing vocals on the record) for mastering. This has been a really ambitious recording to complete, as not only did we have to fit everything around the work commitments of 6 band members, but we had people living at opposite ends of the country, and even in Germany at one point. It’s such a relief to have this completed at last and I can’t wait to start promoting the hell out of it.

It was really worth spending the extra time on the mixes. I feel the backing vocals, in particular, benefitted from the extra focus and attention to detail. I hope to put together a video tutorial to show how I managed to achieve the famous Mutt Lange/Def Leppard gang vocal sound. Stay tuned.

In other news, in between tirelessly upgrading my home studio and writing LOADS of new material, I’ve started working on quite a few new projects and hope to share them very soon. More importantly, with the Steel EP in the can, I’m now able to start taking on more work and won’t have to turn down any more new clients!

Finally, I recently spent a day having my portrait taken by the extremely talented Marcus Maschwitz, who has worked with the likes of Steel Panther, Funeral for a Friend, Bullet for my Valentine, Underoath and Papa Roach, to name a few. I’ve built up quite a nice collection of guitars over the years and I felt it was important to have some photos that did justice to my two favourites, as much as over-flatter my own mug! Marcus did a fantastic job and you can now see them displayed throughout my website.

Until next time!